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Service Features

Monitoring in the Cloud

24/7 automated monitoring operations

Monitoring interval from 1 minute

Can be flexibly set

Email and LINE notifications

Notification conditions can be set in detail

Simple to use

Once you have registered your site for monitoring, all you have to do is just wait for notification

Support for login operations

Support for sites that require login and operation

Easy to understand update notifications

Updates are highlighted in the screenshot

Update history

Updates history available for the last two weeks

Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing starting from $3

Who can benefit?

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Stock investors

Checking sites related to stock holdings

Checking news information

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General users

Checking product availability on EC website

price updates

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Business users

Collect competitor information on competitors

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Business users

Local government website

tender information, etc.


As a web media operator, I constantly check over 100 websites for information. With SIGNAL WebAlert, I can set up keywords, which saves me a lot of time and makes my work more efficient.

Web media management company

We switched to SIGNAL WebAlert because it allows shorter check intervals than that of other free services and is easier to manage on the dashboard. We handle a lot of governmental project bidding, so we are very happy that we can get information instantly.

Consulting firm

We have been purchasing items from overseas EC sites, and it has been difficult to keep track of new items and price changes. Thanks to SIGNAL WebAlert, I can get notifications instantly, which is very helpful.

Apparel import company

I started using SIGNAL WebAlert to get information about new arrival of one-of-a-kind products at EC sites, and I like notifications are sent over LINE.

Individual user

I use this service to see price changes of our competitors' products and reviews updates.

EC retailer

I use this service to instantly get filing information of listed companies I invest in, announcements on their websites, and statistical news on related industries, so that I can trade at an advantage.

Individual investor

We have set up a tracking page for a major shipping company. Thanks to SIGNAL WebAlert, we can keep abreast of the movements of raw materials in transit.

Equipment manufacturer

Subscription Plan

Basic 5


(Yearly Contract, 10% Off)

Basic 25


(Yearly Contract, 20% Off)



(Yearly Contract, 20% Off)



(Yearly Contract, 10% Off)



Number of websites525505$1.80 / 5WebsitesWe can monitor many websites such as over 1000 according to your needs. Please contact us via the inquiry form.
Time interval*5 Per website10Minutes*$2.70 in 1 minutes10Minutes*$2.40 in 1 minutes1Minutes 1Hours*$1.80 in 10 minutes *$3.60 in 1 minutes
-$1.80 / 5Websites
Number of email addresses to be notified
2221$0.90 / 1Addresses
LINE Notifications-$0.90


We are pleased to announce the release of Version 2 of Signal WebAlert, an easy-to-use website update notification service, on August 20, 2021.

Version 2 includes a number of new features, such as more sophisticated website update checking program, support for websites that require logins and actions, and a search function in the dashboard to help you keep track of your updates.

We will continue to improve Signal Web Alert to help you stay informed.

We are pleased to announce the official launch of Signal WebAlert, an easy-to-use website update notification service, on April 1, 2021.

The service has been improved from the beta version, reflecting requests from users.

All plans are available for free for two weeks to meet the needs of both individuals and corporations.

We will continue to improve Signal WebAlert to help our users gather essential information.

On March 1, 2021, we released the beta version of Signal Web Alert.

All plans are available for free for two weeks in the beta version.

Please note that we will improve usability and performance before the official release.